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Our lab engages faculty members, staff and resources from a number of renowned institutions in Linz.

The historical buildings of Tabakfabrik Linz are an environment of creative industries and atelier spaces and the home for our Tangible Music Lab department. In the Lab we count with:

  • an experimental sound studio equipped with a hemisphere of 23.1 speakers (provided by Ottosonics), a 4.1 PA sytem and plenty of instruments, synths, professional audiovisual equipment, etc
  • a 20.1 speaker dodecahedron for fullsphere sonic exploration
  • a big workshop area equipped with various machines for wood and metal, a Snapmaker CNC+laser cut+3D Printer, and many luthier tools for building instruments.
  • electronics for building interfaces: Bela Mini kits, teensy LC, ESP32 systems, soldering statings, oscilloscopes, power supplies and waveform generators, sensor kits, etc.
  • a flexible seminar room equipped with an 8.1 audio system, AV streaming equipment, beamer and a tea kitchen. It can be transformed into a gallery or concert space (see photos).
  • office space for researchers and visiting artists with a library dedicated to musical intruments and interfaces.
  • a historical archive of musical interfaces: from old deprecated controllers to the latest sonic artifacts developed by visiting artists and researchers.
  • the renting technical equipment of Kunstuniversität Linz (Zentrale Medienwerkstaette and Anton Bruckner Private University Linz.

You can check our facilities in the following video:

The Lab is a department of Kunstuniversität Linz, well-known for its experimental art, interactive media and industrial design focus. It provides an extraordinary pool of art courses eligible for all students: from fashion technology, interface design to creative robotics just to name a few.

Our musical partner Anton Brucker University is the place where contemporary music research meets Austrian musical tradition. It not only provides cutting edge studios like the 20.4 Sonic Lab but it also offers recording studios and great auditoriums.

Sonic Lab, Computer Music Studio, Anton Brucker University Linz

Sound Studios Anton Bruckner University

Our alliance with the neighbouring Grand Garage maker-space provides 4000sqm of professional machines, from CNC to 3D printers and industrial robots! Students and researchers have full access to their facilities.

Finally, the Unesco City of Media Arts Linz also hosts the international Ars Electronica festival and center, contemporary art museums like the Lentos Kunstmuseum and the OK Cultural Quartier and plenty of other galleries and artspaces.