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xCoAx 2018: Schallmauer: Composing Tactile Sound for the Solid Medium

In this article we describe the Schallmauer, a site-specific interactive sound installation at the new Musiktheater opera house in Linz, Austria. This installation explores the tactile qualities of musical composition and interactive sound, while invisibly integrating into the existing architecture of the building. The installation reacts to the presence of the bypassing audience, in-tending to attract their attention and motivating further explorative interaction. Through a series of interactive infrasound compositions, it emphasizes the experience of sound within the solid medium of a wooden wall and beyond, which expands the predominant auditory and visual impressions of an Opera House by directing the focus to the listening through the body.Apart from the conceptual and technical background of this project, we also present some relevant related artworks in the area of tactile sound interaction and composition.