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Marie Lynn Speckert

Marie Lynn Speckert b. 1989 is a contemporary media+bio artist, composer and sculptor. She studied fine arts (steel-sculpturing) at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and HfBK Dresden. Her artistic work combines anatomic structures, medical tools, sounds with performance and sculptures and employs them to create atmospheric scenes. By utilizing sculptural elements, innovative sound microcosms and delicately balanced actions, she shows complex sensory impressions to reveal their emergent and interpretive possibilities. Her creations often have a strong, yet fictional connection to medicine. They refer to processes, changes and mortality. 

The presentations of her works convey an artificiality, as they are emphasized in a different context and are reminiscent of dream worlds or scenarios. The production process is also an important aspect of the presentation. The material language primarily uses metaphorical processes as well as inherent transformational qualities.

Marie Lynn Speckert researches the system theories and conception of anatomy. Among other things, she examines the human body in its structure and order, learns it as a structure, sculpture and space, which functions as a habitat, among other things. She uses sound and installation as her medium.

She is a member of the Tangible Music Lab and Fascia Leipzig, also active as a sound artist / composer in diverse performances, actions, films and exhibits. She builds simulators for medicine, make plastinates and is involved in a research project in the Institute of Anatomy, among others.