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OTTOsonics showcase at the New European Bauhaus
OTTOsonics showcase at the New European Bauhaus

For the Initiative New European Bauhaus, and in collaboration with Manu Mitterhuber, the Tangible Music Lab showcases his OTTOsonics system, an open platform for immersive multichannel sound. OTTOsonics turns the Hörsaal 0 into an impressive concert hall showcasing multichannel compositions and live performances amplified using virtual acoustics.


  • 13:00 Multichannel Compositions by OTTOsonics composers
  • 14:30 Kalos Quartett (Ariana Oroño, Huang-Tsi Tseng, César González, Markus Pröbstl): Shostakovich 8th String Quartet. In collaboration with the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität
  • 15:00 Ben Wesch: “Evolving Gravity
  • 15:30 Sandra Muciño (bassoon) and Obi Blanche (e-guitar) Live: Somatic Musical Composition with self built guitar
  • 16:30 Jack Armitage: “Gagnavera