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Postdigital Pool Party @ Klangfestival
Postdigital Pool Party @ Klangfestival

Students of the Postidigital Lutherie master program will showcase their musical instrument creations within an old swimming pool venue at Klangfestival, Gallneukirchen.

Michael Kramer – Pneumonium

The pneumonium is an experimental pneumatic musical instrument, that uses air pressure for the acoustic synthesis of a percussive sound experience. An array of digitally controlled valves feeds several high-pressure sound generators, enabling the arangement of a pneumatic techno performance. This project has been technically supported by Festo and Kaeser.

Benjamin Wesch – 2, 6, Oud, 10, 14, 16, 24, 25, 33

Transformed into percussive instruments, the lockers resound with resolute rhythm and harmonious tones complementing the Oud, a Persian lute. The serene melodies of the Oud converge with the loud, chaotic, and generative forces, creating an immersive performance that pushes the boundaries of sound and space.

Ben Wesch is a guitarist living in Munich and Linz. He played many Gypsy Jazz concerts in the past with different Munich-based bands. Since 2018, he’s on a journey continuously switching between the sonic purity of the Oud and experiments with digital sound synthesis and composition, building his own instruments and musical tools.

Kevin Blackistone – Tangiball

Originally inspired by mixing the ideas of delay-based magnetic tape technology and the history of non-linear and randomize recording artworks, the “Tangiball” uses a spherical topology as recording surface. This allows certain means of traditional manipulation, such as audio scratching, scrubbing and delay effects, but with the inherent randomness infused through the motions of the performer and the inherent instabilities of the spherical roller system. The present iteration demonstrates digitally the conceptual and performative aspects desired in the in-production physical tape head and magnetic media device.

Kevin Blackistone is a digital intermedia artist whose work conceptualizes the collection and handling of data, information and memory through the lenses of hierarchy and complexity in the domains of personal, social and scientific dynamics. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Postdigital Lutherie at Kunstuniversität Linz where he is exploring tangible and sound-based approaches to these concept.

Christoph Kirmair – Bendpass

Bendpass is an early prototype of an instrument that incorporates the haptics of stringed instruments in the domain of digital sound synthesis. It guides the player through the performance by rendering the feedback of the tone on the surface, dynamically changing the feeling underneath the fingertips and thus entering into a dialogue with the player. In this first appearance it will be played as a custom synthesizer, yet static, but allowing new forms of interactions through its layout and design.

Bandpass is built and played by Christoph Kirmaier aka. Iggi, a Vienna based multimedia artist, interaction designer and musician, working all across large scale corporate multimedia installations, sound design, electronics, animation, user experience and robotic prototypes in several companies, bands & collectives like Mary-Ann Kiefer, 3e8 and Mozo Mozo.