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Guest Lecture Reyes Oteo
Guest Lecture Reyes Oteo

Watch the Live Streaming. Lecture begins on 17.1.2022 at 18h CEST.

Electronic lutherie in the composition and interpretation of electroacoustic music

Throughout this lecture Reyes Oteo will introduce the fundaments of her artistic creation process followed by a chronological journey through the highlights of her instrument building career. First, some of her precedents such as Leon Theremin and the STEIM laboratory. Then, the different stages and types of instruments she has built: from those conceived as objects external to the body, in the most traditional conception of the term ‘musical instrument’ (Stone with Nails, 2008), to move on to other instruments operated by organic matter and living animals. Also wearables devices (Interactive Apron, 2017), the cyborg project KittKittPEOW!!! (2017-2021) with its sensors attached to the skin, and the recent Living Skin project (2022). Finally she will present a synthesis of her thesaurus of signal-response mapping in interactive systems.

Reyes Oteo is an artist specialized in instrumental music and in the invention and development of instruments reactive to fire, humidity, light, plants, animals and wearable interactive garments. She has created a sound universe of great fantasy, embodied in 67 symphonic and electronic works. As a luthier, he has invented and developed more than 30 interactive electronic instruments (Fructophone, Interactive Guardainfants, Wormphone, Magnetotaxic Jaw…) both for live electronics, and for sounding the scene and dance, tracing a progressive path of research towards the complete embodiment of electronics.