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Guest Lecture Åke Parmerud
Guest Lecture Åke Parmerud

Åke Parmerud has been active professionally as a composer and media artist since 1978. After finishing training as a photographer he studied music at the Gothenburg conservatory. His artistic work has been mainly dedicated to experimental music and stage performances including dance, theatre, film and interactive art in various forms.

Although he has written instrumental and multimedia music, he is most noted for his electro-acoustic music, which often combines tapes with instruments or voices. This characteristically results in processes of interaction and transformation between the different sound sources, as well as within one voice, instrument, or chord.

He has received 20 international prizes over the years including the ICMC award, Ars Electronica and ZKM Walter Fink award.

The last 17 years he has been working as an innovative sound and software designer for interactive audio/visual installations. His works The Fire Inside, The Living Room, Lost Angel, The Fabbrica project, Echoes and Dark Matter have been showed worldwide. He has over the last years worked with audio design, given lectures and workshops around the world and developed software for 3D sound composition.

He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of music since 1998.


Activity in collaboration with Alter Bauhof and Ottosonics: https://www.alterbauhof.at/ottosonics/

Online streaming:

Watch the Live Streaming. Lecture begins on 18.4.2023 at 17:30h CEST.